Young lady! You’re not supposed to sleep with more than 10 different men before Marriage.

If u exceed that limit before Marriage, then you were indirectly into prostitution in disguise! Ashawo dey ur blood small.🙄

How could you be jumping from d*ck 1 to d*ck 2, 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 and more only you. Haba! Fear God na, U be dog?..are you running charity organization with your P*ssy ni. Abi you’re on Community Service? U nodey tire?🙄😏

Sister stick to one d*ck! Stop jumping from one man to another. Not when they use differents big Cassava scatter the place finish…you will start looking for a husband with big d*ck your father and brothers doesn’t have. MUMU Girl.😏

  • Most importantly, a woman that jumps from one man to another, always have Body Odour.😷
  • Girl wey don fvck pass 10 different men don comot plenty Belle as well.
  • You can never satisfy her in bed. She must surely cheat on you no matter how big your gbola is and no matter how u knack her reach.

As for the men that sleeps around with different girls, you’re likely do die poor. Generally, men that womanizes alot, are mostly useless in life.

Any Lady That Slept With Over 10 Different Men Before Marriage, Is A Prostitute & Will Always Cheat! FACTS!

What Do You Have To Say On This. CORRECT or INCORRECT?

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