It’s good to give advice to people who we feel are going on the wrong path and those doing well

Giving advice doesn’t mean the so-called person is totally on the wrong side.

What Mr. A might be observing Mr. B may not even notice it. That’s why we need to listen to people’s advice.

Though it’s not advisable to follow every advice people give to you as some might lead to destruction but at least listen to what they’re saying.

There are three sets of people that will never listen to you no matter what you are saying.

A Woman In Love

If you like, bring thousands of evidence on why her boyfriend will dump her. Na you sabi!

She won’t even listen to what you’re saying because that love is covering her face at the moment.

Please don’t stress yourself, just save your energy.

A Man With Money

Chai!! He will feel on top of the world!

No matter the idea you’re trying to bring, none will be fruitful to him because the money is controlling him at the moment. No blame him!

The worst part is, make you the adviser no kn get money reach ham. You’re wasting your time.

An African Woman That Loves Her Pastor

If an African woman just put her Pastor matter for head, no one can tell her anything.

Seat her down to explain to her that her Pastor just bought new Jet with tithe money which she uses her salary to pay.

She’ll tell you, story for the Gods! 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

Do You Agree With This List?

Which Other People Do You Think You Should Never Advise?

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