A Nigerian man has cried out after he found out the girl he is planning to marry is cheating on him.
This is why we always advice men to make sure they know the person they are dating to avoid receiving breakfast.

Just imagine after all the investment this young man has done, the same girl is presently lodging in one hotel this weekend with one man.

See What He Wrote Below:
I’m so hurt right now and kinda lost too.

I recently met a lady that we just clicked right away, she seemed to be all I asked for but alas I’m wrong. She’s currently seeing her ‘ex’ that came to the city in a hotel as I typed, I called her 4 times she didn’t pick until she switched off her number

I regretted connecting her Whatsapp to my laptop, this is someone that told me she was going to get our groceries.

Now she’s cooling off in a hotel with a dude, she’ll come back to my house rubbing herself on me playing the good girl. I’m literally numb at work, just staring at my pc looking at her messages, only my fingers work ‘cos I gotta talk to someone.

I am so hurt. She even sent the same guy nudes on whatsapp some days ago. I am hurt bad 😭

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